HRSG Services.


Your Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) requires periodic inspections to identify underlying problems with original design, operational tendencies, and hidden conditions. As an industry leader for 40 years, our HRSG Field Services Division utilizes a Priority Matrix to provide a comprehensive data analysis for precise repair recommendations of each component inspected. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, external, waterside, gas side, and dead air space inspections.

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Our Services.

External Inspection

  • Ductwork
  • Stack
  • Pipe Supports        
  • Structural Expansion Joints
  • Supports & Foundation
  • Pipe Supports & Casing Penetrations

Waterside Inspection

  • Corrosion & Cracking
  • Foaming & Proper Drum Levels
  • FAC in IP & LP Sections.
  • Borescope

Gas Side Inspection

  • Tube & Fin Condition          
  • GT Exhaust Housing and Transition
  • Duct Burners
  • Duct Condition
  • Insulation & Liner
  • Distribution Grid
  • SCR, AIG, and CO

Dead Air Space Inspection

  • Header Supports
  • Header, Pipe & Tube Condition
  • General Area
  • Vents, Drains, Risers, Crossovers

Additional inspection services available. Contact UDC to learn more.


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