UDC recently underwent a voluntary safety assessment as part of our continued efforts to keep safety at the forefront of everything we do. After a thorough assessment by an independent risk management firm we have been awarded the Gold Safety Award. A safe work environment requires a culture that fosters it.  We strive for this everyday and look forward to continuing this path.  This is a testament to how UDC approaches every task, on every job, at every site.
When asked to sum up the safety culture at UDC, Steve Tucker, UDC Safety Manager states "The UDC safety program sets a standard of zero tolerance for safety violations while being recognized as the industry leader in inspection services.  We do this with a culture where employees have the knowledge and tools to recognize hazards when and where they exist.  Among a number of policy and procedural implementations, a critical key to this culture is that all employees have the definitive right to stop work and correct those hazards to ensure safe working conditions for themselves and everyone on the site."

                    Congratulations UDC employees on a job well done!

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