Power boiler maintenance overhauls and the looming Fall manpower crisis.

This is a historically challenging time and no industry sector is untouched. The compounded challenges facing the power generation industry will only be overcome thru an abundance of preparedness. This fall outage season will be OVER LOADED with Spring outages that have been cancelled or pushed into the Fall season. Are YOU prepared for this upcoming season?

As we head into a summer full of unknowns the most proactive thing we can do is keep our eyes on the fall. UDC wants to help in this effort. We are looking to compile some data surrounding the industries manpower needs and lend a hand wherever we may with the difficult task of sharing the manpower across the industry.

We are asking just a few minutes of your time to complete a very brief survey. This will help to provide a view of what manpower will be needed and when. There is no cost involved in this at all. We view this as a part of our role in the industry and it benefits everyone.

We believe that a shared view and some level of cooperative scheduling across the industry will provide a great resource and the opportunity for a less challenging outage season.

Results will be tabulated and a summary will be sent to those participating in the survey.

To participate please click the "Contact UDC" link at the top or bottom of this page and request the survey.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

The UDC Team

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