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25th Annual Users Conference - The Pier House Resort and Spa, Key West, FL January 7-9, 2020

"Asset health and future of fossil fired boilers in dynamic dispatch conditions."

Presentations by industry leaders include:

·     Market trends and future of fossil-fired units

·      Learn metallurgical facts, inspection processes, and mitigation strategies for boiler tube failure mechanisms commonly found in today’s cyclical operating climate.

·      Metallurgy behind some of the industry’s leading failures associated and exacerbated by load variations, increased number of cold starts and refueling.

·      Actions can be taken to lessen or mitigate the overall effect of boiler tube damage in today’s operating environment to increase availability and reliability.

·      Best practice inspection plans and procedures are paramount in light of utility shrinking maintenance budgets and future uncertainty.

·      Secondary combustion issues in shrinking budgets and quicker load dispatching requirements

·      Condition assessment and life assessments of pressure parts

·      Combustion tuning/performance optimization

·      Water chemistry trends/challenges and layup procedures/strategies  

Attendance for the 3 day event is $1200

The Early Bird discount has ended.

However, additional attendees from the same company will receive 20% off after one full price registration.

Contact Karla Johnson at UDC to register for the event.

(502) 957-7525

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