Prolong the life of your turbine with periodic inspections. UDC specializes in GE, Westinghouse, and Alstom Machines, providing identification in underlying problems with design, operation, and hidden conditions that may contribute to future damage or failure.

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Our Services.

  • LP Turbines,
  • HP Turbines,
  • HP/IP Turbines
  • Blade Rings and Blade Carriers
  • HP, HP/IP, LP
  • Inner/Outer Turbine Shells
  • Turbine Journal & Thrust Bearings
  • Diaphragms
  • Reheat Stop
  • Generator and Exciter Retaining Rings
  • Generator Top Teeth
  • Boiler Feed Pump Turbines
  • BFP Stationary Blades & Shells
  • BFP Couplings & Spool Pieces
  • Hardness Testing & Metallography.

Additional inspection services available. Contact UDC to learn more.


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