United Aerobotics


Full Capability to Inspect anything requiring scaffolding!

Aerobotics FAQ

Power Plants



  • Burners
  • IR Ports
  • Division Panels
  • Backpass


  • High Energy Piping
  • Hanger Assemblies
  • Duct Work
  • Tanks & Stacks

Power Transmission

Power Transmission lines

Line Connections, Insulators 

Wind Turbine Blades

Gas Lines


  • Power Line Inspections
  • Exterior Pipes & Stacks
  • Full HD Video/Photo capabilities

Magnabot (TM)

  • Boiler inspection Specialist
  • Ability to attach to tube walls
  • Full HD Video/Photo capabilities

CFS Nozzle Coal Nozzle

Insulator Unit

Insulator Units

Insulator Unit Closeup

IR Sootblower Erosion