Cad Services

UDC creates exact scaled component drawing replications from original component design specifications and drawings in digital format through the use of CAD technology. The drawings produced ensure an “easy to read and interpret” format. Update services are also available for any drawing produced by UDC to accommodate design changes to existing components or component replacements.

CAD Drawing CAD Drawing  









Key Features

▪ Scaled graphic boiler component and side view drawings

▪ Detailed material depiction by specs (Material x OD x MWT) and assigned color coding 

▪ Field weld lines and DMW lines are illustrated

▪ Assembly and tube counts are illustrated

▪ Elevations are illustrated

▪ Detail of soot blowers, observation and test ports, access doors, and adjacent  

  components are depicted

▪ Layering feature allows any material to be viewed separately from the complete 

  component drawing

▪ Drawings can be modified to include part or commodity numbers