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UDC maintains a staff of Certified Weld Inspectors to accommodate any size work scope. 


▪ Inspection of welds for conformity and deficiencies (i.e. porosity, excessive penetration, etc.)

Verification of base materials and consumable welding materials in conformance to the specifications including the welding filler metals used for each base material or combination of base materials ares as specified 

▪ Verification of the welding equipment to be used for the work as to appropriateness for use with the welding procedure

Verification of the welding procedures as specified and the qualification of the procedure, including that the welding performed is in conformance to applicable procedure

▪ Witness performance and testing of procedure qualification test assemblies

Verification of welders, welding operators, and tack welders in regard to qualifications in conformance to the applicable standards, and qualifications to use the welding procedures specified for the work 

▪ Witness and/or supervise administration of the welder test assemblies and require re-qualification for welder's whose work does not conform to applicable standards

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