5 Core Values

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UDC inspectors provide boiler inspection services for 15 to 35 outages annually with each inspector spending some 180 to 200 days performing inspection work for client overhauls on projects encompassing a variety of differing work scopes, timelines, and boiler designs. On average our inspectors possess 5 to 10+ years of field service experience. We understand both company name and reputation are solely defined by the experience, talent, and quality of staff. It is with this understanding our Boiler Inspection Teams are equally weighted in experience and/or qualifications. This balance enables us to staff all boiler inspection projects effectively. It also promotes utilization of each team member's level of expertise within varied disciplines and capacities resulting in the optimal inspection experience for all of our clients.



Employee retention is paramount at UDC as a top rated boiler inspection company. All UDC Field Service Inspectors are full-time salaried employees. The high retention level of our inspectors allows us to maintain a consistent experienced and specialized staff season after season. This single element has been a vital key to our success amongst our clientele as well as having created long-term sustainability for all employees. In an effort to build strong relationships between plant personnel and the UDC staff, it is our policy that the same project team leader or lead man return to each and every future overhaul supported with a qualified and experienced staff of inspectors. This practice provides consistent, accurate, and efficient inspections.



Our knowledgebase, the foundation of our philosophies and practices, have been time tested and exhibit proven results. UDC services literally hundreds of boilers including a variety of makes, vintages, sizes, and designs. A proactive approach of boiler maintenance practices underpin our inspection methodology. Our inspectors are exposed and equipped with relevant industry knowledge on a continual basis. The practical application of this knowledgebase demonstrated during inspections provides assistance to clients for optimization of the operation of their units as well as increasing plant personnel knowledge. The perpetual learning atmosphere provided to UDC inspectors serves as a catalyst for further advancement in repair methodology and continued improvement of inspection procedures and technologies. (more)



UDC can conduct a full-scope boiler inspection in a short period of time utilizing a large and experienced inspection team. We are able to accommodate various types of inspection projects as requested by clients and dictated by predefined work scopes maximizing plant maintenance resources and budgets. Due to the seasonal aspect of the industry, our field service management staff works diligently pre-season to make contact with clients in order to facilitate their desired time frames on our schedule. No temps (i.e. junior inspectors, temp help, etc.), general NDE representatives, or inexperienced boiler personnel are ever utilized for any inspection. If UDC cannot staff an inspection project with experienced personnel, we simply must decline the project to maintain high quality standards as well as avoid adverse effects to our reputation.



Throughout all inspections conducted by UDC, ‘Real Time’ reports are issued to the client upon completion of each boiler component.  Once the physical inspection of each boiler component is complete, all relevant data, discoveries, and observations are populated into GTrack©, UDC’s custom boiler inspection software program.  It is through the use of GTrack© that final reports are generated and issued to the client on the same day as the inspection was conducted.  Final reports include all supporting documentation, data, repair recommendations, and root cause analysis (when applicable) for any given boiler component.  These reports are excellent for satisfying both current maintenance initiatives and future repair endeavors.    

The reporting format which UDC employs is easy to understand, conveying all relevant information and data clearly and concisely.  Every recommendation includes a photograph of the condition/ deficiency and is accompanied with a boiler component drawing detailing exact location. 

Please click on the link to view a UDC Sample Report (Sample Report)

When you choose UDC, you get repeatable quality, consistency, and experience.