Boiler Inspection Outage Management and Planning

The course is designed for plant or corporate personnel involved with coordinating and managing the inspection outage. The overall success of availability and reliability is dependent on the overall success of organization and recorded compilation of data discovered through inspection and the strategic process of coordinated repair criteria list produced through the outage management team. The seminar will provide tools and procedures which enables the management of inspection outrage utilize the overall process for the most productive results possible.



The seminar will include the following topics in discussion:

Cost Control: Best Use of the Available Budget

■ Methods of Increasing a Boiler Maintenance Budget

■ Establishing & Implementing Repair Criteria


Ranking Repairs through a Priority System

■ Selection of Boiler Inspection Team Leader and Team Members

■ Managing an In-house Boiler Inspection Team

■ Training Regimes of Inspection Personnel  


Equipment Required for the In-house Inspection Team

■ Development & Use of Inspection Checklists

■ Use of Tube failure & Unit Inspection Software Applications

■ Condition Assessments: How and When?


Economical Justification for Boiler Component Replacements

■ Availability Acceptability Considerations

■ Tube Failures and Risk Management

■ Planned and Forced Outage Procedures


Forecasting Boiler Tube Failures

Boiler Codes, Materials, & Repairs

■ The Importance and Facts about Thermal Monitoring

■ Hydro and Air Testing


Water & Steam Touched Tube Reactions in a Normal Operating Environment

■ Applications & Use of Steel Materials

■ Refractory, Shielding, Pad Welding, and Tube Replacement

■ Weld Overlay, Metal Coatings, & Sprays


The Engineering, Selection, & Installation of Major Pressure Part Components

■ Inspection of New Fabrications in the Assembly Shop

■ Repair Code Exposure (ASME, ASNT, AWS, R Stamp, etc.)

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