Operator Impact on Boiler Tube Failure

Operator Impact On Boiler Tube Failure

Operators Impact on Boiler Tube Failure is a course covering cycling of the boiler via viewing ramp rates, failures which stem from cycling the boiler, and operational upsets and failures resulting from them. Boiler water chemistry and its importance to include the failures arising from chemistry problems are also part of in the discussions. Boiler offline overall procedures, fill requirements, as well as applications of steel materials are among other topics covered in the seminar. 

The seminar raises awareness of overall impact of operations in the boiler and provides discussion of techniques and tools to prevent failures from an operational standpoint. 

 The following topics are all included in seminar discussion: 

  • Steam Water 
  • Air Gas 
  • Power Plant Components 
  • Steels 
  • Fuel 
  • Fuel Related Failures 
  • Soot Blowers, Water Lance or Water Cannon 
  • Thermal Fatigue Failures 
  • Circumferential Cracking 
  • Soot Blower Erosion Failures 
  • Coal Particle Erosion 
  • Falling Slag into Hopper Bottom 
  • Ash Corrosion 
  • Operational Upsets 
  • Chemistry 
  • Failures - Material or Fabrication Error 
  • Boiler Off-line 
  • Lay-Up